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With the courses of the “Spirituality in Practice” Academy, you will gain everything you need to know and do in order to transform your current life into the purpose driven life. We will guide you step by step in order to achieve that. Each step contains the exercises through which you will receive the knowledge, feelings, and skills that lead to the life you really desire.

The courses of the “Spirituality in Practice” Academy are the perfect mixture of ancient and modern, universal and daily. Therefore, they are online, compatible with any device, and nevertheless, guided in that manner that you always have the impression of the presence of someone who really can and wants to help you, right next to you. They have originated from many years of theoretic research and daily practice, and then, with the assistance of the world leading experts in the area of self-development, they have been modified so that they correspond to the modern consciousness and the modern life-style. They are the ideal connection of theoretic knowledge, the exercises that conduct that knowledge into experience, meditation, affirmation, gratitude, visualization, the reprogramming of consciousness and sub-consciousness, unwinding, and practising the trust in the life itself.

Thus, in an interactive and interesting manner, through professionally conceived easy questions and mental exercises, they provide the answers to the essential and daily questions. The benefit is both instant and permanent. They are adapted and recommended to all ages, followers of any other learnings, and to all those who want to enhance any aspect of their life.

Let us create the purpose driven life!

online courses that can help you to co-create purpose driven life


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