Hi everyone!
Thank you for being here.
One day, just some time ago, we were also standing at the place where you are right now.

We felt alone, even though so many people were around us.
We felt as if no one understood us, even we ourselves.
That separation from everything and everybody hurts and confuses a lot, we know that.
That separation leads to the melancholy and melancholy can be very dangerous.

Thanks to Life, we found the exit from that situation, we found the solution for those problems. After so much struggle.
Now, we are grateful for that path because we can help you.
We are grateful because we can serve you.

This course is the first step in our service to you.

After this course, you will find out that:

You are not alone!
You are, whoever and whereever you are, essentially, the same as everyone and everything around you. Essentially, all of us are divine, which means perfect!
You have the same value like everyone and everything around you because the Source of all of us is the same!

ANSWERS you will get:

Day 1: Where do we come from? Where does everyone around us come from?

Day 2: What is my nature and what are my beliefs? Where is my home and how to get to it?

Day 3: Does the immaterial hide behind the immaterial? What does everything around me originate from?

Day 4: What is the connection between the source of all of us and the source of our thoughts?

Day 5: Does the quality of my original habitat influence the way I and everyone around me are?

SKILLS you will get:

Day 1: Gratitude for yourself, for everything that surrounds us

Day 2: Building beliefs

Day 3: Influence on the serving of my favourite objects

Day 4: Encouraging the most purposeful thoughts

Day 5: Visiting your home from any place at any time

INSIGHTS you will get:

Day 1: Understanding – The answers to the essential questions will make your everyday life better

Day 2: Peace – Life always gives us assistance and support; we just need to ask for it

Day 3: Relaxedness – Life bestows us even when we are not aware of that

Day 4: The ease and beauty of existence – Our power, as power of our Source, is not limited

Day 5: Causeless joy – All the beauty of this world is in us

Your course is 100% interactive and quided!

Price for this course is $33.60

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  1. BrigitaJaric May 7, 2016 at 10:41 pm · · Reply

    Second course is done as well :)

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