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Hello, everybody! Welcome! My name is Dr. Ivana Miljak.

All of you who would like the purpose driven life, we will help you change for life. That means that we will lead you step by step to realize what actually makes you happy and your life meaningful, and then reach that in any aspect of your life.

Have you ever had these challenges?

Have there been any moments in your life when it seemed to the others that you had everything, but you did not feel happiness and satisfaction? Or the moments when you did not have anything, especially the purpose? Most of my life was exactly like that. For a long time I believed and felt that the purpose existed, regardless of not being able to find it for a long time. But then, I stopped believing.

My story of struggle

Incessantly trying to reach the purpose, even from my childhood, I was involved in different fields, I did different jobs, tried various hobbies, lived my life with various people in various places.

As there was no purpose anywhere, I thought up a life scenario that I decided to follow, persuading myself that it was exactly what I wanted, that by doing that job, living with those people, and having that kind of life-style, I would achieve the feeling of satisfaction I had so desperately wanted.

The desired scenario became reality, but the feeling of satisfaction, happiness, and purpose did not accompany it. It was hard to accept that I had arranged my own life according to the wishes and expectations of the surroundings, I who had always directly and clearly expressed my aims and dreams in front of everyone. I had given up without even being aware of that. When I had no more strength to protest and fight, I adapted to the surroundings and majority, thinking it was the right way.

But the deep and continuous feeling of dissatisfaction showed to me that it should not be like that. Due to that period of living the life that to everybody, except me, seemed I had everything, and the feeling of meaninglessness that accompanied that period, I could not go any further without answering some questions to myself: Who am I and why am I here? What is the purpose of my existence?

My story of finding a solution

Wondering of the purpose of life in general, even from my early childhood, I sought the solutions in science and art. It led me to the title of the PhD in Philology and the Master Drama and Audio-Visual Artist, but not to the purpose. All the time, with exceptional passion, I engaged in psychology until I obtained the right to stay in the Talent Science Centre, where all my desires for the formal education in that field were killed by statistic experiments that I criticized for the lack of, for me, the most important criterion: the practical application. That kind of research I compensated by the books of Paulo Coelho, Anthony de Mello, Florence Scovel Shinn, Scott Peck, Robin Sharma, and Irvin Yalom. When not being able to get the answers to the questions that occupied me from those authors, I tried the philosophers: Spinoza, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Kyerkegor, Erich Fromm, or Lao Tzu. And after that religion. I read the Holy Scripture, Quran, texts about Buddhism and the life of Buddha, I constantly listened to the speeches of monks and holy fathers. Then I revealed Eckhart Tolle, and after that Osho, Mohanji, Mooji.

The same as in life, I would only temporarily find a sanctuary in science, philosophy, religion, and even in spirituality. And then the restlessness would emerge again.

In the period of creating and accomplishing the life scenario I thought would finally settle me down and provide me with the purpose, I read and listened to Louise Hay, Abraham, Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra, who is still my favourite. Even though they answered many of my questions, they did not provide the permanent solution. If I would not consume them for some time, the longing for the purpose would reappear.
Until there was the final longing.



After everything that I had been through, was it possible that I still did not have the answer to the question that I could not live without even a second longer, to the question: What is the purpose of me and my existence?

Using the last atoms of my life energy, I tried reconstructing my life and comprehending where I had taken the wrong turn, what I had done wrong, what I had not done, how it was possible that, with all that knowledge, I had not reached the answer.

As those atoms were running out, the answer was in sight: all the knowledge that I had acquired up to then was kept in my head as information, useless information that either served nothing or served for a very brief period. Although I argued in favour of practice versus theory in everything, I omitted it where I needed it most. I did not use my own knowledge. Therefore, it was completely useless.

I decided, one more time, to check whether this direction, the only one left, would lead me to the solution.

I devoted to only that. I reduced the theoretic knowledge that was most helpful to me and created all-day programmes of well-known spiritual skills that I believed could be the most helpful. I still stumbled, but I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I tested and modified, adapted. And then, the reality started changing.

Strong daily practice has led me to transcendental discoveries without which we cannot live the life we desire: the purpose driven life. Those answers have led to the answers in daily life: what I want to do, what kind of family I would like to have, what kind of friends I want, where and how I wish to live… The techniques that have led me to the answers, also lead to the realization of those answers.

Spirituality in practice has led me to the answers to the questions who I am and why I am here. To the discovery of my purposefulness. I have realized what really makes me happy and accomplished in every aspect of my life. And then I started co-creating the purpose driven life.

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