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Did you read, listen, or watch so many motivational books, audio material, and videos, but after a few days, you just felt the same as usual – without a real reason to get out of the bed?

There are many moments in our lives when it seems to the others that we have enough reasons for fulfillment, in some aspects of our lives or in general, but we just don’t feel it. We feel the lack of fulfilment, the lack of meaningfulness. We feel there must be “something more” for us.

Then we try to reach “something more” by reading, listening, watching so many motivational books, audios, videos. We feel better for a few days, but then the old, awful feeling comes back.

We know why it happens. We know because we have experienced it. In order to make our lifes purpose driven, we must, not just meditate, do affirmations, and visualise. We must understand the one and the only purpose of everything in the world, the purpose of the Source.

In that manner, we do not simply remove the consequences of the unfulfillment problem, but its cause first of all. That is why we do not advise you what to do, but why to do it, which gives you more will and enthusiasm to work on yourself. By explaining the purpose of the Source, we explain to you the purposefulness of your life.

That is the wisdom you had to work really hard to figure out. Before our courses. Now, arising from many years of theoretic research and daily practice, and with the assistance of the world leading experts in the area of self-development, it has been modified in order to correspond to the modern consciousness and the modern life-style.

Our courses present universal knowledge in a very understandable way.
Theoretical and practical exercises are mixed in the perfect manner, so you will not feel bored or deconcentrated.
They are interactive, so, you will feel like you have a personal coach near you all the time.


Some technics in the course I heard about and practised before, but a new form and a new way of using them were the reasons why I have continued to practise them even after completing the course.
Luna Clayton
Those days I was doing the course were somehow more interesting and relaxing to me. Not just the time I was focusing on reading and practising, but the time after that, as well, when I was doing usual, everyday things. It wasn’t just a routine. On the outside, everything was the same, but my feelings about everyday things were different, I suppose.
Jeffrey Acker
At the beginning of the course, some simple questions in the Lesson Book and the Workbook were even funny to me. But after answering them, the only funny thing was how some simple questions can bring some significant answers.
Peter Smith
For me the course was helpful especially for one reason: it was easy to focus on the topic and exercises because the rhythm of their rotation is dynamic. After five days, I felt no satiation I usually felt after a few days of doing some self-discovering activities. At the end, I was in the “give me more” mood.
Felix Beck

Who am I and how can I help you

Hello, everybody! Welcome! My name is Dr. Ivana Miljak.

Wondering of the purpose of life in general, even from my early childhood, I sought the solutions in science and art. It led me to the title of the PhD in Philology and the Master Drama and Audio-Visual Artist, but not to the purpose. All the time, with exceptional passion, I engaged in psychology until I obtained the right to stay in the Talent Science Centre, where all my desires for the formal education in that field were killed by statistic experiments that I criticized for the lack of, for me, the most important criterion: the practical application. That kind of research I compensated by the books of Paulo Coelho, Anthony de Mello, Florence Scovel Shinn, Scott Peck, Robin Sharma, and  Irvin Yalom. When not being able to get the answers to the questions that occupied me from those authors, I tried the philosophers: Spinoza, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Kyerkegor, Erich Fromm, or Lao Tzu. And after that religion. I read the Holy Scripture, Quran, texts about Buddhism and the life of Buddha, I constantly listened to the speeches of monks and holy fathers. Then I revealed Eckhart Tolle, and after that Osho, Mohanji, Mooji.

The same as in life, I would only temporarily find a sanctuary in science, philosophy, religion, and even in spirituality. And then the restlessness would emerge again.

In the period of creating and accomplishing the life scenario I thought would finally settle me down and provide me with the purpose, I read and listened to Louise Hay, Abraham, Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra, who is still my favourite. Even though they answered many of my questions, they did not provide the permanent solution. If I would not consume them for some time, the longing for the purpose would reappear.

Until there was the final longing.


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